These headlights were inspected through complete test system. All the tests done approved that the reliability and durability of the headlights are perfect. The testing facilities are listed as following.

This testing measured the candela distribution of the headlights meet the DOT FMVSS 108 standards and ECE R112 standards. So that they are street legal in the United States and Europe Union. Plus, they were approved by AMECA and TUV SUD, got the DOT certificate and ECE certificate.

Dust testing performed to conform the light output will not be affected by road or weather condition that cause excessive amount of dust.

Testing was done to ensure that lighting products are corrosion resistant. The headlight was put into 5% salt spray fog last for 72h.

Temperature and Humidity test. Tested at +60℃ and 90% humidity for 10h to ensure the lights continue to function under the most extreme weather condition.

Thermal test was done to figure out if the heat conducted efficiently. The junction temperature of LEDs is much lower than the Max  junction temperature. This is benefit the life span of LED.

Vibration testing simulates the rough conditions that the lights will go through when put on the vehicles. It tests to make sure that there is no evidence of material weakness, lens, reflector rotation, and/or displacement that could cause the lights to function incorrectly.