How to install these 7″ daymaker headlights with mounting brackets?

Take the Harley Davidson Road King as an example:

Qeedon daymaker headlights are designed to replace 2D1 “PAR56″ or 7” round headlights. As the stock headlights are all halogen headlights.

They are so tired, dim and they are broken easily. You need you change the bulbs frequently. The worst is that they cost the most energy of your storage battery.

Now the LED headlights will be a smart choice. You don’t need to care about all the troubles you met when used a halogen headlights.

Following is the installation of Qeedon daymaker headlights.

Use these 7″ daymaker headlights new mounting brackets replace the stock bucket of Road King.

Original  Part 1

Original  Part 2

Mounting bracket Part 3

Mounting bracket Part 4

Look at the pictures above, use the Part 3 replace the Part 1 which is connected with the motorycle.

The Part 4 replace the Part 2 which is connect with the daymaker headlights.


Step 1. Install Part 3 on the motorcycle first.

Step 2. Connect the headlights with Part 4 together.

Step 3. Connect the Part 3 with Part 4.

It is easy to install these daymaker headlight with a bracket. After that you should adjust these screws to make your headlights aim correctly.

With these mounting kits, Qeedon daymaker headlights can fit many motorcycles such as Ultra Glide, Electra, Street Glide, Road King, Heritage, and more.

Now, do you have any question? Do you met any troubles about your motorcycles? If you do, please feel free contact me. Look forward to your message.

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